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  • We endeavour to be the largest and most trusted agriculture institution in India dedicated to the research, farming, and consultancy of exotic fruits and a reliable source of high quality hybrid seedlings.
  • Our primary goal is to help nurture, grow and expand the market for exotic fruits in India, both by promoting imports of the best produce in the world and also by building the research and farming eco-system for these exotic fruits.
  • We also aim to promote the growth of exotic fruits market in India by creating and driving demand for a vast range of exotic fruit-based, value-added products including food and beverages, beauty and wellness, medicines, natural colourants, packaging material, perfumes and more.
  • Our ultimate goal is to inspire agricultural entrepreneurs and help transform farming in India into a sustainable and rewarding business by creating awareness on the business potential of exotic fruits, by imparting world class training in crop/farm management and by offering comprehensive consultancy services to aspiring agri-preneurs.